Bible Drills

Welcome to your home for Bible Drill, Bible Study Lessons, Sunday School Resources, and more.  Your life as a teacher is now much easier with these outlined Bible Drills that contain open-ended discussion questions to use with your study group.

We make your lesson preparation EASY!

  • Topical lessons outlined with simplicity in mind.
  • Quick Preparation. Just pick your lesson, print, study, and share with your class.
  • Focus on the meaning of God’s Word.

Use these lessons  in a variety of ways for any age group:

  • Bible Drill Games: Race to find the scriptures with speed
  • Bible Lessons: Read and discuss the verses using the outlines provided.
  • Bible Navigation Practice: Learn the location of Books and Verses with these interactive lessons.
  • Dig In To The Scripture: We use an inductive Bible Study approach when asking discussion questions.  This approach allows you to let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you reflect on the verses.

Bible Drills Help Prepare for Spiritual Warfare:

  • Put on God’s Armor: The Word of God equips us with the knowledge we need to stand strong in a morally questionable world.
  • Put John 14:26 into practice:  Studying God’s Word gives us the tools needed so that the Holy Spirit can bring what we need to remembrance. There’s nothing to remember if you haven’t learned it, yet.
  • Reveals Truth: In a deceptive humanistic society, the only place to find God’s Truth is in God’s Word: The Holy Bible.

We encourage you to send us your comments, questions, or topic requests by using our contact page.